I have a new friend…

and her name is Rocco.

{top-Gap, skirt-Free People, booties-Report, necklace-J.Crew, handbag-Alexander Wang, watch-Nixon, bracelets- H&M, Noir, and U.O. tiger watch}

I am back in the land of the living! Sorry for the lack of posts love bugs, but I had the most stubborn cough in the world last week, and just a few days ago I started to feel much better. The cough is finally gone, and I can resume life as uuz. ;)

So do you notice something new on my arm?!! Yes that would be my highly coveted Alexander Wang “Rocco” bag! The hubby finally gave in and got it for me. I know everyone and their mother has this handbag, but the excitement of it still has not withered away for me. I’ve wanted it the moment I saw it, and consider it an absolute classic.

I was almost convinced by the saleswoman at Nords to get it in the new shinier gold studs, but went with the original brass ones. It just seems more subdued and not so in your face. Plus it’s the original look. Classic. Keep it classic. ;)

Every time I look at Rocco, I squeal. She’s my first designer handbag ya know?

No, really she is! I feel so fortunate to have her! :)

Along with the new handbag, I scooped up this Free People skirt that I have been eying, ever since they came out with their “Vegan Leather” line. I’ve always wanted a black pleated leather skirt, and even though this isn’t leather, it still fits the bill quite nicely. And I love that it’s lined! Good job Free Peeps!

A little cropped close-up action.

Had one of my fave girls in Wonderland, Keri take this shot before I left for the day yesterday. Had to get the full ensem. ;)

My Free People coat, completes the look don’t ya think? And it’s one of my favorite jackets in my wardrobe right now.

Hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day whether it was with your significant other, family, or friends, I hope it was a day full of fun and of course love.

We stayed in, made tacos, and watched our Netflix movie Water for Elephants, while I cuddled my Rocco.

It was a perfect night.

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4 Responses to I have a new friend…

  1. This bag is definitely everywhere, but how could it not be?! It’s fab! I still want one myself. That or the Diego bucket bag ;)

    Super cute!


  2. Jen Christo says:

    LOVE. i’ve been drooling over this baby since forever. so happy you got your hands on one!!

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