My Boyfriend’s back

{schoolboy blazer-J.Crew, boyfriend jeans-Joe’s ex-lover from Ebay, scarf-Madewell, horse belt-Alkemie oxfords-Cole Haan, handbag-Alexander Wang, star studs-Gorjana, armswag-Kora, Low Luv by Erin Wasson, Nixon watch, J.Crew, Free People, Noir.}

Back in my boyfriend jeans! I’ve had these babies for a least 5 years now, and love the to death. They’re actually about a size too big, but I could care less. The more worn they get, the better they feel.

I know I have been a terrible blogger recently, but I have to admit, I’ve been less than inspired lately. I thought after my second sickness of the month, that I would be all refueled and ready to go with new posts, but I just haven’t had the spark of inspiration, or motivation for that matter. And not to say that I haven’t come across some great images, and styling from others, but they’ve all been seen probably a billion times over, and even though it comes across new to me, I undoubtedly come across it again somewhere else.

But I guess that’s to be expected right? Anywho, these photos were taken this past super windy Saturday. The hubs and I took a quick trip to Anthropologie in Burlingame so that I could pick up my prepaid quilt and shams that I have been coveting since last holiday season. There were very few left in stock, and was ecstatic to find out they not only had the quilt but the shams too! Score.

Not sure why my full length photos are so small? I must’ve set my Canon Elph on some weird pixel setting. I know we were kind of playing around with it a bit. While we were there, we tried out Five Guys Burgers & Fries. A hamburger joint that is suppose to rival In&Out Burger apparently. Pretty tasty. Their fries are pretty darn good, love that they’re not super skinny. The hamburger was decent, but nothing to write home to mom about.

In any case, I hope to get back into blogging again. I feel like I have some sort of mental block going on. Maybe it’s just other things on my mind, and or distracted by the fact that I’ll be headed on a pretty amazing trip in the next month. Whatever it is, all I know is I really want to get that feeling of excitement and enjoyment from blogging again.

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Would love to hear how you spent it! ;)

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